Pokemon Journeys follows the ever-continuing adventures of Ash Ketchum, and his new travelling companion Goh. The series first launched in Japan in 2019 and on June 12, 2020 in the United States. Unsurprisingly, the anime follows Goh and Ash on their journeys through the core regions represented by each of the Pokemon games, from Kanto all the way up to the Galar region, where Gigantamax Pokemon can be found.

The names of the latest episodes of Pokemon Journeys, the most recent Pokemon anime, have been revealed. Through these leaks, Gengar has been teased to reveal their 'Gigantamax' form, a special evolution available to specific Pokemon when in the Galar region.


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So far, the two revealed episode names are "The Ghost Train Departs!" and "Gengar does its Best! The Road to Kyodaimax!" which are episode 91 and 92 of the Pokemon Journeys anime respectively. These leaks were revaled by the "Anipoke Fandom" account on Twitter. The latter of these two episodes is the most likely to feature Gengar's 'Gigantomax' (known as Kyodaimax when translated directly from Japanese to English), or at least will lead up to the introduction of Gengar's new form.


Gigantamax Gengar has already featured in the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games, but this would be the first time Gengar would reach its 'Gigantamax' form in the anime. 'Gigantamax' versions of Pokemon were introduced as a feature of the aforementioned Sword and Shield titles. Like the 'Mega-Evolutions' seen in Pokemon X and Y, and the 'Z-Moves' featured in Sun and Moon, a Gigantamax Pokemon is another form of evolution without actually forcing another evolution in the line of a Pokemon.

During the gym battles of Sword and Shield, a player could 'Dynamax' their Pokemon, increasing the size of the pocket monster and the potency of its moves. There were also a select few Pokemon that took on different forms during their size increase, known as a 'Gigantomax' form. Some would turn into a skyscraper, like Duraludon, while Gengar would ditch half of its body and legs to become a huge, gaping maw.

Ash caught Gengar in episode 16 of Pokemon Journeys. After being abandoned by its original owner, Gengar dropped a Pokeball at Ash's feet, indicating its desire to join his team. Gengar has since been used multiple times by Ash in battle, though a few fans have been critical of how many losses are dealt out to Gengar, considering its power in the games. If the leak proves to be correct, Gengar's 'Gigantomax' reveal may cause fans to see a much stronger side of the ghost-type Pokemon.

The new episodes of Pokemon Journeys will be released on December 17 and 24.

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