Nintendo recently released Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, the remakes of the fourth generation of Pokemon which initially debuted back in 2006. Several Pokemon fans have taken to the remakes to discover details they hadn't noticed the first time around, while one Pokemon Shining Pearl player got the wrong Legendary.

Pokemon games are well known for showing off the latest Legendary Pokemon on the game covers and that's no different with Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond. As a result, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond features the Steel-Dragon type Pokemon Dialga while Shining Pearl illustrates the Water-Dragon type Legendary known as Palkia. Although Pokemon fans typically get the corresponding Legendary Pokemon towards the end of the main storyline, one copy of Shining Pearl seemingly offers the opposite Legendary Pokemon.


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Reddit user Beary-Allen09 recently posted images from their playthrough of Pokemon Shining Pearl which showed the player encountering Dialga rather than Palkia towards the end of the game's storyline. On top of showing the Pokemon battle between Dialga and Beary-Allen09's Skorupi, the Pokemon fan also showed the boxed copy of Shining Pearl as well as the Nintendo Switch menu showing that they were playing Shining Pearl after recently playing Shin Megami Tensei 5. Between Beary-Allen09's story and their Pokemon screenshots seemingly confirming it, several Reddit users have voiced their perplexity of the situation.

pokemon shining pearl dialga fan photo

One of the images that Beary-Allen09 shared showed the Lustrous Orb, which is an item held specifically by Palkia which empowers the Legendary. Because Beary-Allen09 had the Lustrous Orb rather than the Adamant Orb, the Pokemon fan was unable to strengthen their curiously swapped Legendary Pokemon. While this issue may simply be a bug in Pokemon Shining Pearl, this incorrect item may result in a weaker Pokemon, and Beary-Allen09 may consider trading for a Palkia in order to make have the appropriate Pokemon box art Legendary and to validate the Lustrous Orb.

Beary-Allen09 inspired several Reddit users to discuss Pokemon's Eterna City Legendary Pokemon statue which portrays a Pokemon that resembles a mixture of Dialga and Palkia. Some claimed that the statue's text read Dialga, and others stated that it said Palkia but in reality, the statue is more of a fusion of the two. Although Pokemon Brilliant Diamond fans will typically encounter Dialga and Pokemon Shining Pearl players typically encounter Palkia, the statue in Eterna City represents a mixture of the two in both versions of the fourth-gen remakes.

Although it's possible that Beary-Allen09 was a Pokemon fan who purchased both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and has created an elaborate ruse for the Reddit community, the images they showed off added some validity to their story. It's currently unclear how many Pokemon fans are encountering this potential Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl bug, but given the fact that the games just recently released, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company may have an update for the game that fixes the issue soon.

Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond are available right now for Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Reddit

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