Releasing a console like the Xbox Series X is just the start of building a platform in the 2020s. Building a platform also depends on embracing and celebrating the community surrounding it. Xbox does this in multiple ways, whether it be through social media, Xbox Game Pass, or otherwise. One unique way that Xbox celebrates fans is by sending out free gifts during holidays and special events. Sometimes, it's just random gift cards, but other times it's something more substantial.

Influencer Preston Chapple recently shared on social media a gift that Xbox sent him in celebration of Xbox's 20th anniversary. The gift included a light-up "crystal" featuring the logo Xbox used for its 20th anniversary and Chapple's Xbox username, a gift card for 12 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a special edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X controller. Xbox described it as a limited edition "Keepsake Kit" and says it was sent out to random Xbox FanFest fans.


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An attached message from Xbox broke down why it included the gifts that it did in its 20th-anniversary Keepsake Kit. The engraved crystal is in gratitude for being a part of the Xbox community, the controller so that they can celebrate in style, and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card so they can continue with Xbox on the journey forward. Altogether, it's a gift not just to celebrate Xbox's 20th anniversary, but a celebration of its past, present, and future.

Of course, Xbox did send it out with promotion on its mind, too. In a footnote at the bottom of the message, Xbox asks that if recipients feel like sharing their gift on social media that they add #giftfromXbox and #XboxFanFest hashtags to their message.

It's easy to be cynical in these types of situations. So often in the video game industry, it feels like companies try to manipulate or influence gamers with insincere actions. That's true here, too, particularly because Chapple is a streamer and influencer specialist. Yet it's also worth digging in a little deeper, because sometimes good actions are just that and they deserve to be acknowledged now more than ever.

To clarify, Preston Chapple isn't the only person confirmed to have received one of these anniversary Keepsake Kits. Another Twitter user, Chris Weaver, also shared a message and pictures online. Weaver is notably not an influencer and says that the gift from Xbox had him tearing up as he reminisced playing Halo: Combat Evolved on his original Xbox. It's safe to assume Xbox is following through with sending these to random Xbox fans.

This isn't the first time that Xbox has sent out gifts to random fans and it's unlikely to be the last, either. Earlier this month, Xbox sent out Xbox gift cards to random users in amounts ranging from $5 to $100. It's done this multiple times, including April, December 2020, and prior. The 20th-anniversary gift definitely are of a quality to meet the occasion, however. Only a few fans will likely receive them, but for those few Xbox fans it'll be a very special reward.

These actions, by Xbox or otherwise, are obviously done as a promotional endeavor, but that doesn't mean that there isn't value in them as well. Preston Chapple, for example, may work in influencer relations, but a follow-up photo shows he's just a huge gamer at heart. He has figures for Morrowind, Skyrim, Destiny 2, and The Elder Scrolls Online. And then there's Chris Weaver. Weaver, whose photo of his kit shows that he recently purchased the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console and Halo Infinite Elite Controller, too. These are both huge Xbox fans, randomly picked and rewarded for continuing to be Xbox fans. It may be promotional, but it's a rare case of earned promotion and deserves to be appreciated.

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